The Fatherless

I just got back from a medical missions trip to Haiti with Global Health Outreach. Many amazing things happened on this trip, things that I will remember the rest of my life. Probably one of the most impactful things that occurred was when I had the opportunity to visit an orphanage. Haiti is very very poor already, but the orphans are the poorest of the poor. It broke my heart to see how malnourished and small these children were. When I Was playing with them, I felt I had to handle them like someone would handle porcelain because of how fragile their little bodies were. But their smiles, their joy at seeing me and the others on the team, was simply incredible. They literally had nothing, but they were so thankful and joyful that we were there, that some people cared about them. It touched my heart in a special way that all they wanted was to be cuddled with and held. They wanted attention, to be chased and picked up, to be hugged, to be loved. I walked away from them having learned many things about what really matters in life.

It was also amazing to think about how I am an orphan in some sense. I was separated from God and not a part of His family. But God adopted me though the work of Jesus and gave me a place in His family as a son. By the time I left the orphanage I wanted to adopt all those precious children. I truly loved them all, and it made me think about how much God must love each and every one of us. Seeing the orphans in Haiti gave me a greater understanding for the love of God who is a Father to the fatherless.

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  1. Jason · · Reply

    So encouraging and meaningful Ben!

  2. This is awesome, Ben! What a powerful experience, and what a loving Father we do have.
    PS. I like the C. S. Lewis post too. 😉

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